Financial services can be full of jargon, so rather than list the products we use, this section outlines our work in helping people in particular situations. Perhaps you can identify with one of these scenarios.

All of these case studies have a product associated with them somewhere but the key driver is knowing what the client is looking to achieve – the product follows after the goal is defined.

*To respect client confidentiality, names have been changed.

Steve and Cathy – Investment Property

Steve and Cathy have three children. Steve had been used to receiving large bonuses from his company but that has recently changed. Cathy works part-time. In addition to their family home, the couple have four flats which they rent out; all have outstanding mortgages. The couple had done little pension planning at the time of … Continued

Alan and Jean – Equity Release

Despite Alan earning a healthy six figure salary and living in a house worth £900,000, having four of his five children go to University and then one do a Masters too, meant he had built up unsecured debt and had stopped making overpayments to his interest-only mortgage. Alan’s wife Jean only worked part time and … Continued

Nicholson’ s – Auto Enrolment

Nick is the Managing Director of a company and employs a mixture of permanent and contract staff, typically about 45 people.  There is an old stakeholder scheme in place which two of the office employees contribute to and a separate personal pension for the two majority shareholders. Nicholson’s main concerns were: Being Auto Enrolment compliant … Continued

Katie – Saving and Protecting her Income

Having trained as an accountant, 32 year old Katie had seen her income increase considerably in recent years.  Her financial position was strong: she repaid her credit cards each month and using her savings she just bought a new car. By accumulating cash in the savings pot of her Offset Mortgage she anticipated repaying it … Continued

Mike and Debbie – Protecting their Family

Soon after the birth of their second son, Debbie returned to work and her husband Mike became a stay-at-home dad. Debbie had a generous employee benefit package and her income alone was still sufficient to pay for their lifestyle.  Weighing up the cost of childcare, they could not see any financial benefit to Mike working. … Continued

Nigel and Penny – Retirement Income

Nigel works as a Chartered Surveyor and has accumulated a number of pensions from previous employers.  His wife Penny, stopped working after their second child was born to raise their family.  Recently, Nigel sold his business but plans to work for at least another ten years in order to as to increase his capital and … Continued