Ms R Leed

Paul Thorpe has been my property portfolio secret weapon for 13 years now, after a colleague at work introduced to me to him. I was always asking my colleague about property (I had none) and how he managed to buy two houses by the age of 30, and his response was simply “Paul at Peppermint”!

So began me being a customer of Peppermint, who has now helped me buy and re-mortgage 3 properties in London. The process has been really easy and stress free, and actually enjoyable, would you believe, as all we have to do is talk to Paul about our needs and goals (and he usually comes to our work, after work, anywhere that suits us) and then he helps us find the right products for our situation. He handles all the emails, calls, etc. with the lenders. In terms of value for money, he has saved us loads getting or switching us to better products and time also getting things through – (some which are better than I’ve seen online, and trust me – I check!).  I could not be happier working with Paul, so much so that even our family has turned to him to help them sort their situation with financing/re-financing properties after retirement.  I could not more strongly recommend Paul Thorpe at Peppermint Finance, as a solid advisor and also a truly great guy!