I began working in financial services in 1995 when I joined Sun Life of Canada. This provided me with an excellent grounding, but I realised there was more I could do for my clients by having access to a wider range of products and services so I made the transition to being an Independent Financial Advisor.

Convinced that independent advice is paramount to achieving the best outcome for clients, I set up Peppermint Financial Solutions in 2002. My commitment has always been to personalise my service to each person with whom I work. I am fortunate to have worked with many of my clients for over a decade and feel privileged to have worked alongside them as they achieve their financial aspirations.

Prior to joining the financial services industry, I worked primarily in my family’s fruit, vegetable and flower business in New Covent Garden Market. One of the many things I learnt there was that people like to deal with people, not faceless call centres or computers. By supplying our customers regularly, we developed an understanding of what they required and built up relationships based on trust, confidence and cooperation.

Whilst the services that I offer may have changed, what I do today is not too dissimilar as I am still forging lasting relationships with my clients with an understanding about them, their life and what they are trying to achieve.

Away from work, you may find me walking in the Surrey Hills with Gill, my wife, and our dogs or acting as gardener and repair man for our two children! I am still one letter away from being FIT and enjoy boot camps, swimming and cycling.